Callum Martin Energy was founded in 2021 by Callum Brazier. Having grown up around the world of property services, including property management, running a lettings agency, and being Landlords, Mr Brazier felt it was time he made a move to assist the community they had been a part of for so long.

With a growing concern globally over fossil fuels and people’s impact on the environment, along with the community around him, Callum shifted his focus to green energy, and how he could help to improve everyone’s energy efficiency. With that thought in mind he became an accredited Energy Assessor and began building relationships with estate agencies to create Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), a report which highlights how your energy is being used around the property, grades it on its performance, and offers recommendations on how your property could be more efficient.

Whilst building Callum Martin Energy, Mr Brazier expanded the business to include Inventories for rented properties. He became accredited Inventory Clerks and created Callum Martin Inventories. Having been tenants and landlords themselves, they are able to understand both roles within property management and believed a fair and impartial third party is necessary when renting properties.

To this day, Callum works tirelessly within the business to care for their customers and build relationships within the sector to ensure both parties are always satisfied. Callum Martin Energy works with enthusiasm and efficiency both within the company and outside, sponsoring local sports teams, and investing in small businesses at the heart of their community.